About Quip-Art

A Customized Link Shortener

Quip-Art lets any artist or designer build a totally customized way to share links. Each uploaded overlay image can be the basis of it's own mini-site, complete with it's own bookmarklet for creating shortened links, and list of popular web pages that users have shared that use that image.

Every use of your uploaded image can also contain a link back to your own site, so Quip-Art links are a fun way to extend and share your brand.

Who's Behind Quip-Art?

Quip-Art was created by Mike Koss at StartPad.org. After working on sites like Faves.com (Social Bookmarking), and Go2.me (Link Discussion) Mike thought it would be fun to let people overlay any web page with their own fun or irreverent images.

Quip-Art is implemented using Google's AppEngine, providing a high level of scalability and protection for user uploaded data.

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